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Some of our Favorite Sites

Bible Sudies Net / "Yes Lord" Ministries provides these links as a service to you, but is not responsible for their content. Although we have found these sites to be helpful and useful, we may not agree with everything on them. We merely list them here as a service to you.

Newspapers, Magazines, & Internet News

Chattanooga Free Press

World Net Daily
The Jerusalem Post Newspaper
The Newsroom
USA Today
The Washington Times - Weekly Edition

Medical Sites

Hardin MD: Hardin Meta Directory of Internet Health Services
Merck Manual
RSNA (Radiological Society of North America)

Colleges and Universities

Community Colleges
Brain Track
On Line Christian Colleges
CollegeEd: College Planning Program
More than 10,000 Universities around the world

Business & Financial Sites

Better Business Bureau Web Server
CNN Financial Network
Fed Ex
National Fraud Information Center
United Parcel Service
Zip Codes
Amortization Calculator

Other Practical Resources

Consumer World
Edmund Auto
Kelley Blue Book of Automobile Prices
50 Free Educational Podcasts for Thrifty Learners

Government Sites and or Resources

Fed Net (for information about Bills in Congress, etc.)
Library of Congress
THOMAS: Legislative information on the Internet
U.S. Patent & Trademark Office
Federal Student Aid
US Department of Labor's Career Search Tool

Excellent and Outstanding Christian Resources

Christian Answers Net
I'm a Believer Pins
Gospel Communications Network
Hell's Best Kept Secret (you MUST check this one out!!)
Ray Comfort's Website
Lambert Dolphin's Web Links and Library
Vines New Testament Dictionary

Links to Creation Sites

Answers in Genesis
Institute for Creation Research
Logos Research Associates
Creation Science Evangelism (Dr. Dino website)
Probe Ministries
7 Wonders Museum (Mt St Helens Creation Information Center)
Creationism Org

Links to Christian and Jewish Ministries and Sites

AMG (Advancing the Ministry of the Gospel) International
Campus Crusade for Christ
Crown Financial Ministries (Formerly Larry Burkett Ministries)
Insight for Living (Chuck Swindoll)
In Touch Ministries (Charles Stanley)
The Jesus Film Project of Campus Crusade (See the Jesus Film in 15 languages here!)
Jews for Jesus
Love Worth Finding  (Adrian Rogers)
Southwest Radio Bible Church
Trans World Radio Broadcasting

Links to Church and Individual Home Pages

First Baptist Church of Snellville, Ga.


Bible Studies Net     This is our 'mirror website' on Google

Bible Studies Net Blog ... This is our Blog which is updated daily with an interesting 'factoid', news item, book review, vacation suggestion, movie review, or some other interesting and eclectic thing.  Please, bookmark it and check it out frequently. You will be glad you did.

Even more helpful & Useful Links

There are a "zillion" wonderful sites "out there" on the net.  These are a few that we have found to be especially interesting and useful.

For information about Movies, Television Programs, Ratings, etc. ...

Movie Guide  ...Ted Baehr Movie Guide Website with Reviews and Ratings

Christian Cinema website with thousands of Movie Reviews

Movie Reviews from Plugged In
-- a Focus on the Family Website

 (Parent's Television Council) has helpful information.

This is the website for the  7 Wonders Museum, the Mount St Helens Creation Information Center in Silverlake, Washington. It is a must see visit on your way to Mount Saint Helens.  It is open most days from 9am to 7pm and is free! Call or fax for info and to confirm if open   1-360-274-5737

E4's Bible Study Library .  This site provides a FREE CD with the KJV Bible and many wonderful Christian Classic Books and writings from the 1700s & 1800s.. All you have to pay for is the Shipping and Handling. What a deal !

OnLine Bible Study tools  ... Here you can find many Bible Versions, commentaries, concordances, dictionaries, and many other study tools. Check this site out. You will find it very helpful.

Also check out these Christian Sites:

Light Links 2000   A Christian Search Directory

The Christian's News Digest    A good news site

Christian Family Links    Has many helpful links and resources

Lambert Dolphin's website. He has more links to wonderful websites than you can ever imagine. He also has a zillion articles and Bible studies. Be sure to check this out. It is awesome!

Campus Crusade

HELL'S Best Kept Secret  !!!
This is a 'Must see / listen to' website.  Be SURE to check this one out ! Note: This page sometimes is slow to load even on high speed internet. But it is worth the wait. So give it time to load.

Jesus Folk Christian Start Page  This site has many helpful links

Cybergrace Christian Network  -- Has many Christian Resources

The Jesus Site   - A Christian Resource Center on the Web

Association of Baptists in Ireland    -- Another helpful site!

Living with Cancer   If you or someone you know has cancer, this site will give you helpful information about "what to expect and how to cope." This is the website of a friend of this ministry who has had, count them, 1,2,3,4 (yes, FOUR) bouts with cancer.  Her witness concerning  God's faithfulness will bless and encourage you.

Bible Studies Net   This is our 'mirror site' on the web

Bible Studies Net Blog  
This is our Blog which is updated daily with an interesting 'factoid', news item, book review, vacation suggestion, movie review, or some other interesting and eclectic thing.  Please, bookmark it and check it out frequently. You will be glad you did.

If you would like to suggest a site for us to add to this listing,
please email your request and information to       
 BibleStudiesNet (at) yahoo (dot) com
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