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As you know, there are many Bible Studies on this site.

But, sometimes you just need an ANSWER NOW and don't have time to do an in depth Bible study.  So, hopefully this page will help you in your quest.

Some of the Answers have been written by the Bible Studies Net folks while others will be a 'click through' to other authors or sites since we figure there is no need to 'reinvent the wheel' when there is already a great Answer 'out there.'

One caveat, however, about the other sites and authors.  Though we do obviously agree with the answer to which we are linking, we do not necessarily agree with everything the author or site might teach. 

Ok, with all that said, Here is the current list of ANSWERS NOW Questions.

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How long can Cartilage last?

What is the 9th of Av (Tisha B'Av) and why is it important?

What about the Message Bible? Is it reliable?

What has happened to the Church in the Netherlands?

Religion vs. Christianity: What's the Difference?

Can we trust the Bible? Is it really true?

Did the Resurrection really happen?

Pictures of The Second Temple (the One in which Jesus taught)

Could ancient people move a 2 million pound rock?

Oil. What is its origin?

What is Apologetics?

What do we really know about Radiometric Dating?

What about Reincarnation?

Things thought impossible

What do the heavens tell us about God?

What about CCM (Christian Contemporary Music)?

Was Jesus born in a stable? or a house?

"Merry X-mas". What does this mean?

Is it a SIN to go to the movies?

What do we really know about Radiometric Dating?

What is Hell's Best Kept Secret?

What about Evolution? Is it true? Or is Creationism correct?

Is "Junk" DNA really useless?

Couldn't God have used evolution?

Was the dispersion at Babel a real event?

What about evolution in the fruit fly? Does it happen?

Are there any problems with the 'Big Bang' theory?

Can you tell me more about Astronomy?

Can Bees solve math problems faster than humans?

Why does the Universe look so old?

What does it mean "Justified by Faith"

Why do we get punished for what Adam did?

What 10 Hallmarks reveal a true Believer vs an Imposter?

Do women have more ribs than men?

Isn't the Bible full of contradictions?

When did time begin?

Is the Devil (Satan) Real?

Did God Create the Devil and Evil?

Does Isaiah 45:7 teach that God created Evil?

What are the 10 Commandments?

What are the 7 "deadly" (mortal) Sins ?

What is a "WORLD VIEW" and what difference does it make?

Who wrote the N.T. Book of James?

Is Jesus really God? Did He claim to be God?

How can a person be saved?

Can a person lose their salvation?

How Do I use a Concordance?

Immanuel and Jesus. Do these names mean the same thing?

Where did Cain get his wife? (read the answer)

Where did Cain get his wife? (listen to a 1 minute 30 second audio answer)

How Many Ice ages were there?

Can a frog be frozen and thaw out and live?

Is your God too small?
This is a link to a wonderful Book by a friend of this ministry that answers that question. And you can get it for Free for a limited time.  Here is how !

What is a Polystrate Fossil?

What does the term 'Asleep in Jesus' mean?

Why are there 66 Books in the Bible?

What is the Gap Theory and What is the Day Age Theory?

What is wrong with Progressive Creation?

How can I know if I am saved? -->
Is there a literal Hell?

The Oort Cloud, does it really exist?

Does the Bible say anything about Astronomy?

Did Dinosaurs survive the Flood?

Who made God if God made everything?

Why is Recent Creation an important concept?

Isn't the Bible full of Errors?

Does God really exist?  How can we know?

How can distant starlight reach us in just 6000 years?

How do the Stars confirm Biblical Creation?

How old does the earth look?

How do Radioactive Dating Methods work?

What does a Trillion Dollars look like?

Cremation. Is it Christian? or Pagan?

Was it really a rooster / cock that crowed when Peter denied Jesus?

Did Methuseleh really live 960 years?

Noah's Ark, will it be found?

What about the animals on Noah's Ark?

Is there intelligent life in outer space?  What about UFOs?

What killed the dinosaurs?

Six evidences of a Young earth.

What can the St. Helens volcanic eruption tell us about the formation of layers, canyons, etc.

What can St. Helens tell us about coal formation?

What should I consider when selecting a college to attend?

Yellowstone park has petrified forests. What does this tell us?

Is there evidence for a Biblical (instead of evolutionary) timescale?

Is the moon moving away from the earth?  (1 minute 50 second audio answer)

Dinosaur footprints found in China. What does this mean?

Dinosaur footprints found in the Swiss Alps!  What does this mean?

Is the Movie: 'Inherit the Wind' true and accurate history?

What about the book, 'The Shack'?

Can you tell me more about the book, 'The Shack'?

What can you tell me about the movie, Avatar?

How old is the earth?

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