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What is a "World View"
and why is it so important?

Everyone, whether they know it or not, looks at things in a certain way.

When you look at a person, a teaching, a philosophy, a course of action, an animal, a flower, a mountain, the sun, a mathematical formula, the stars, the universe, a tree, an animal, life, death, "lifestyles," .... anything..... you look at it and "evaluate" it based on your "presuppositions", ie. based on what you "believe" or "have been taught".  This is called a "WORLD VIEW".

For example,

IF your WORLD VIEW is that God created the world and everything in it (Creationism)
, then you will believe ("presuppose") that there IS a God and He is the One Who is the Creator and, therefore, He is the One Who "makes the rules".

You will look at an individual as a special creation of God, one who is worthy of respect, and you will NOT treat life lightly. 

As you look at various creations of God (people, animals, plants, trees, oceans, the universe, etc.), you will view with appreciation the mighty power of God and His creative processes. You will be in awe of the intricate details of His creation.

When you look at the vastness of the universe or when you look at the minute details of the DNA molecule or of a single cell under the electron microscope, you will be awed and amazed at the precision and interconnectedness of all the parts that are necessary for that cell or structure to function.

You will "interpret" what you are seeing as an indication of the fact that there is a precise and intricate design and plan in everything and that there is an Individual, a Designer (God) Who designed and created everything with precision, purpose, and a plan ! ... And, you will want to Know, Worship, and Obey that God because you know that He also created you and has a plan and a purpose for your life, too.


IF your WORLD VIEW is that everything happened by chance (Evolution), then you will have a WORLD VIEW that "presupposes" that there is no God, or that if there is a god, he or she or it has no real interest in you or the world.

You, therefore, assume ("presuppose") that everything just happened by chance and from nothing and that there is no design, no God, no one to whom you have to "answer to" one day.

Therefore, You are the one who "makes the rules" and you "presuppose" that The 10 Commandments are either meaningless or are "10 suggestions" thought up by a man millennia ago,  but that they are certainly not necessary.

And, you "presuppose" that life is not important and has no special value or significance.  It is just something transient and to be "enjoyed" without any rules, limitations, or restrictions.

Therefore,  Killing is OK.  Abortion is OK.  Cheating, lying, stealing, extra-maritial affairs, ETC... are all OK.

Because, with this world view, you are just another animal and are an 'accident' of chance with no more purpose or meaning than an ant or a speck of dust, so it really doesn't matter what you do as far as "eternal consequences" are concerned, for there is no eternity.  Or if there is, it is just an endless and repetitious cycle of meaninglessness.

These, then, are the 2 World Views.  And, there are ONLY two.

Both are based on a "belief" system.

NO  human being was present when the world began (either as a "big bang" or by " Creation" by an Eternal God.)

Therefore, there is NO "scientific proof" one way or the other.

Depending on your "presuppositions" you CHOOSE to BELIEVE one view or the other and you look at the "evidences" through your "WORLD VIEW" to "support" your view.

either a person looks at life and lives life from the World View that there IS a Creator God --- a God, Who created everything with design and with a purpose and a meaning..... and to Whom every person will one day have to "give an answer" for HOW they lived their life....

he or she looks at life and lives life from the World View that there is NO God, no creator, and that everything "just happened" and evolved by chance and, therefore, there will be NO "day of reckoning" sometime in the future. ....

You can readily see that each of these World Views result in totally different and
opposite "life styles" and eternal consequences!

Which World View do you have, hold, and live?

Are you SURE you are correct?

Your eternal destiny hangs in the balance !!!