Bible Studies Net

Who we are and what we do!

This is an Internet Based Ministry.  We have been on the web since 1995.

Our ONLY PURPOSE is to provide FREE downloadable Interactive Bible Studies to anyone who is seeking to know more about the Lord God and His Word (the Bible).

Most of these Bible Studies are studies which we have done with small group classes here in the Chattanooga area.  After the courses were completed by the small groups, we placed the finished (edited and hopefully corrected for spelling errors and etc) versions on the Web for anyone and everyone to print out and use.

Our Bible Studies are provided to you at NO cost.
Yes, this means that they are FREE!

But, our Bible Studies are now ONLY available by printing them out from the website. We no longer have any hard copies left that were used by the classes.  And, many of the courses, FAQs, etc. that we are now posting were never in hard copy at all and were just written and posted.
You may download (click on print and print out a copy) and use any of these studies either individually or with groups.  And, YES, you may photocopy them if you desire to use these with group studies.
Our ONLY request is that

  you NOT sell these studies for profit
and that
  you NOT change them in any way

These studies are for the Glory of God
NOT for the financial profit of man.


The Author of these studies is, of course, the Holy Spirit.  But, He did not do this by "automatic writing" or anything "spooky".  What He did was to inspire, gift, and enable our writer / teacher to write these studies.   These were then shared with the Bible Study classes and then, as we mentioned before, these studies were edited and corrected and placed on the web for you to use, should you so desire.

The "writer" of these Bible Studies and the "teacher" of the small classes is, "in real life", a Physician (M.D.) who specializes in the area of Diagnostic Radiology.  This is the "tent making job" of our writer; but, Bible Study, Teaching, and Writing, is the avocation.  If you want to know more about the"writer", click here.

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